Proper Etiquette for Sending Condolence Flowers in Singapore

Navigating grief after the loss of a loved one can be a heart-wrenching experience, and it can be challenging to express your deepest sympathies to those who are grieving. However, expressing your condolences can bring a measure of comfort to the bereaved family. One of the most traditional and thoughtful ways of conveying your support is by sending condolence flowers. It is a gesture that not only honours the memory of the departed but also serves as a source of comfort for those left behind. In Singapore, there are several customs and etiquettes to keep in mind when selecting suitable condolence flowers to send. In this guide, we will cover some of the essential factors to consider before purchasing a condolence wreath or flower stand.

1. The Religious Customs and Traditions of the Bereaved Family

When it comes to sending condolence flowers, it’s important to consider the religious customs and traditions of the bereaved family. While flowers are a common expression of sympathy in many cultures, some religions have specific guidelines and customs surrounding death and mourning. For example, in some Muslim and Jewish traditions, sending flowers to a funeral might not be appropriate. However, most condolence flowers and arrangements are appropriate for those of Catholic or Protestant Christian faiths. Therefore, before sending any condolence flowers, it’s essential to check with the family or a religious leader to determine if it is appropriate. This shows respect for their beliefs and helps you choose the best way to express your sympathy.

2. The Meaning Associated with Different Types of Flowers

Next, it is important to note that sending condolence flowers requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness. It’s crucial to be mindful of the meanings associated with different types of flowers and blooms. While some flowers may symbolise joy and happiness, they may not always be the most appropriate choice for expressing sympathy. For example, sunflowers are often associated with cheerfulness and positivity, but they may not be the best option for a funeral or a condolence message. Ultimately, the purpose of sending condolence flowers is to show support and sympathy to the bereaved family, and selecting the right flowers can help convey the appropriate sentiment.

3. The Colours and Symbolism of Flowers

White Sympathy - close up

Source: BearloonSG – White Sympathy

Choosing condolence flowers in Singapore also involves considering the colours and symbolism associated with different blooms. Regarding the colour of the blooms, white is undoubtedly the most appropriate colour for condolence flowers, representing purity, peace, and respect.

In Loving Memory

Source: BearloonSG – In Loving Memory

As for the most appropriate flowers, lilies and carnations are commonly used in condolence wreaths as they symbolise love, innocence, and a pure heart. Roses, particularly in red or white, are also often included in condolence arrangements as they represent love and respect. This can be seen in our condolence flower stands like the In Loving Memory and We Miss You.

Everlasting Memory

Source: BearloonSG – Everlasting Memory

At the end of the day, when selecting condolence flowers, it’s important to choose blooms that express sympathy and respect rather than joy or happiness. For example, daisies may be a popular choice for everyday occasions, and some might argue that they are inappropriate for a condolence message. This is because daisies are often associated with cheerfulness and innocence, which may not convey the appropriate sentiment in a funeral or condolence context. However, this depends on the type of daisies you are looking at. White Gerbera daisies, such as those in our Everlasting Memory condolence flower stand, symbolise purity and innocence, therefore, making them appropriate sympathy flowers.

4. The Appropriate Time and Method of Delivery

When sending wreaths and condolence flowers, it’s not only important to consider the type and meaning of the flowers but also the appropriate time and method of delivery. One should aim to send the flowers as soon as possible after hearing the news of the death, typically within the first few days. However, it’s also appropriate to send flowers a few weeks after the funeral to show ongoing support for the grieving family. As such, it’s essential to choose a reliable and reputable florist who can ensure timely delivery of the flowers to the correct location. Additionally, if sending flowers to a funeral or wake, it’s essential to consider the hours of the service to ensure that the flowers arrive at an appropriate time. Lastly, including a personal message with the flowers can comfort and support the bereaved during this difficult time.

Express Your Condolences with BearloonSG

Sending condolence flowers is a beautiful way to express your support and sympathy to those who are grieving. However, selecting the appropriate condolence flowers requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness. From understanding the religious customs and traditions of the bereaved family to choosing the right type and colour of flowers, each element plays an essential role in conveying the appropriate sentiment. At BearloonSG, we understand the importance of expressing condolences during difficult times. That’s why we have a comprehensive variety of condolence flower stands and wreaths to suit different preferences and budgets. Our team of experienced florists ensures timely delivery of the flowers to the appropriate location in Singapore, allowing you to show your support when it’s needed the most. Start expressing your condolences today by browsing our selection of condolence flowers in Singapore.