Ordering Process

1. Mother’s Day is happening on the 8th May (Sunday).
Free Delivery slots & Self Collection is available on the 7th May & 8th May.
For 7th May (Sat):
Self Collection & Free Delivery Timings as per normal. Click Here to know more

For 8th May (Sun):
Free Delivery will happen any time between 10AM-8PM. Please kindly choose Mothers Day’s Free delivery for your delivery method during checkout. View here

If the timings do not fit to your Mother’s Day Schedule, please kindly opt for Self collection during checkout

2. Early bird promo will end on 30th April.
Enter with “MD2022” during checkout.

3. Please kindly ensure that all order details are filled in correctly.
No changing of order & delivery details will be allowed after 5th May 2359.

4. All Flowers and materials are pre-ordered.
Therefore there will be strictly no refunds or cancelling of orders.

5. Digital Mock-up will not be available for all orders placed after 22nd April.
Providing of Digital Mockup will resume for orders placed after 11th May.

Delivery Policy

1. Free Delivery slots are limited and all Deliveries for 7th & 8th May. Once Free delivery slots are fully booked, Self collection must be arranged.

Please kindly arrange for Self collection if the delivery timing doesn’t fit your Mother Day’s schedule.

2. Your delivery will be deemed as failed delivery under these circumstances:
– Recipient is uncontactable / not at the given location (5 minutes grace period)
– Restrictions from buildings / managements / hotels
– Incorrect delivery information
A re-delivery or self collection, can only be rescheduled on the 9th May. Where re-delivery is chargeable at $20, alternatively customers can collect it at our office, collection timing will be based on THAT’s schedule. 

3. Same day delivery will not be available for 7th & 8th May. Please kindly place an order before to avoid any disappointment.

4. Deliveries to hospital will not be accepted during Mother’s Day period. All orders will be refunded accordingly

Feature Mother's Day Products

A Personalised Mother’s Day Gift for a Joyous Occasion

There is no other greater love than the love of your mother. While Mother’s Day may not be an official public holiday, it is celebrated all over the world to show our appreciation and love to our mothers for the pivotal role she has played and their importance in our lives. Most of us might turn to the classics when Mother’s Day comes around, be it flowers, a handwritten letter or a homemade card. But what if we told you there is a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day and impress her unlike any other? Here at BearloonSG, it is our goal to make Mother’s Day gift-giving a breeze. Offering everything from extravagant Mother’s Day hampers to even the classics like flower bouquets, leave it to us to ensure that the gifts will arrive at her door in time for the celebration.

A Hamper Filled with Thoughtful Gifts

Cherished and loved, Mother’s Day is undeniably a joyous occasion. Celebrating the holiday is a common tradition amongst many — but not empty-handed, of course. Even though there is much to consider in terms of personal preferences, likes, and dislikes, gifting your mom on this day can be a tad bit confusing. Do you get her a gift that is over-the-top and sure to make a lasting impression or something practical that she can use and appreciate? Either way, BearloonSG has you covered with our range of Modern Gift Hampers. Our Mother’s Day hampers readily available online are the epitome of modern gifting. A gift that keeps giving, our hampers contain an assortment of everything from snacks to health tonics. If your mom is on her own personal health journey, then our Wellness Hampers like the Kinohitmisu Tonic Hamper is a perfect choice. Packed to the brim with bottles of bird’s nest and other superfoods, you’ll surely be able to put a smile on your mom’s face come Mother’s Day. But that’s not all! Almost all of our Mother’s Day hampers are customisable. Paired with our Signature Hot Air Balloons, customise everything from the text that will be printed on the crystal clear ball to the message on our complimentary card. You can even choose the colour of the box and the theme of the balloons. Take the aesthetic appeal of the hamper up a notch by leveraging our add-ons like LED lights. For moms who have a sweet tooth or love leading their lives in an organised way, we have Mother’s Day hampers such as the Flower X Life Style Hamper and Flower X Snacks Hamper [Red] that make great last-minute Mother’s Day gifts too.

Show Your Love with Flowers

Thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to your mom this Mother’s Day? Just like chocolates, flowers are the ultimate go-to gift of choice. But you can up the ante and send your mom the coolest blooms in a unique way when you shop with BearloonSG. We boast a collection of modern and unique flower arrangements that are perfect to gift on Mother’s Day or any time of the year. Surprise her with a Floral Bloom Box that combines the best of our Signature Everlasting Bloom Box and Hot Air Balloons to create an epic Mother’s Day gift. For something fresh and totally rewarding, add to your cart options like our Money Hot Air Balloon. Not only boasting the freshest flowers but hidden within the hot air balloon is cash! Of course, you can always get your mom a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. But who can say no to flower hampers like the Flower X Snacks Hamper [Purple & Pink]?

Up the Ante with Cash

Not sure if your mom would be more fond of flower bouquets or snacks? Why not get her something that she’ll surely love? Rather than giving her a traditional red envelope, make things a little more unique and bold with a Money Pulling Box. Designed to look like a standard floral box made with fresh flowers, hidden within it is a full train of cash! Have your mom take the topper off and unveil the abundance of cash. Throw in a personalised balloon bouquet like the [Mothers Day] Love Your Mom Crown Balloon Bouquet to complete the entire package.

Get Your Mother’s Day Gifts Delivered Today

Just in case it slipped your mind to get something for your mom on Mother’s Day, fret not because BearloonSG makes it easy for you to find last-minute gifts. And yes, we’ll have your Mother’s Day gifts delivered to her doorstep so that she’ll be in for a surprise! By simply placing your order before 2.30pm, you can get both customisation and delivery done all on the same day! So if you ever find yourself needing personalised Mother’s Day gifts and flower arrangements, BearloonSG has got you covered. Get started by browsing through our online catalogue for more gift ideas and customise your own unique Mother’s Day gift when May comes around.