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Send Wishes of Good Fortune with a Chinese New Year Hamper

During Chinese New Year, you are going to see a lot of hampers and items sold around Singapore to wish prosperity and harmony for the coming year. Traditional Chinese New Year hampers might include an assortment of items, such as tea, fruit, nuts and sweets, while more modern versions might feature health and wellness supplements, flowers, helium balloons and delicacies like abalone.

As Chinese New Year approaches, you may be looking for a thoughtful hamper for your relatives and even business associates or colleagues to send them well wishes for the year ahead. But what are the best gifts to give them? Here’s our list of top 3 gift ideas for your relatives and colleagues:

1. Abalone

For starters, abalone is commonly associated with wealth and good luck. During this special time of the year, hampers with abalone can make a meaningful gift to wish your recipient a prosperous year. If you’re looking for something to give to your boss or business partner, why not give them an abalone hamper this coming Lunar New Year? By giving a Chinese New Year hamper, you are showing that you value your relationship with them. It’s sure to make them feel appreciated – and that’s good for business.

Go the extra mile and consider our 3D Fortune Cat – Abalone Hamper to give your colleagues, boss, or business partners on Chinese New Year. It comes with Japanese Breed Tiger King Yoshihama Abalone, a Cai Shen Ye Plush, and even a Fortune Cat balloon to wish them great wealth and abundance throughout the year.

2. Willow

If you’re planning to give gifts to a lot of people this Chinese New Year, perhaps instead of getting a hamper full of gifts, you can give them flowers instead, like willows. The willow symbolises the coming of Spring with growth and prosperity. Their tall branches filled with fluffy, furry blossoms are said to embody the abundance of fortune.

BearloonSG offers prosperity willows beautifully arranged with fresh flowers to complement its extended branches to bring in great luck for the coming year. You can choose between our Pink or Red prosperity willow to present to your loved ones, friends, or even colleagues.

3. Phalaenopsis

Besides willows, orchids are popular flowers during Chinese New Year as it represents wealth and fertility. In particular, the Phalaenopsis, or the butterfly orchid, is a popular festive flower that is said to bring happiness, vitality, and longevity.

With that, why not give your relatives a hamper filled with beautiful Phalaenopsis to attract happiness and vitality into their life for the coming year? Purchase a beautiful bouquet of Phalaenopsis from our online store and enjoy free doorstep delivery in Singapore.

We provide two variations of our Phalaenopsis bouquet, the Flourishing Phalaenopsis and Fortune Phalaenopsis, both of which are complemented with different ornaments in colours that bring in good luck to its recipients.

Free Delivery for Your Chinese New Year Hampers Anywhere Within Singapore

If you have an idea of what you want to give your relatives or colleagues, have it delivered to them just in time for Chinese New Year with BearloonSG. We provide free delivery in Singapore within the same day for your order of hampers or flowers. Purchase your Chinese New Year gifts online at BearloonSG today!

Besides CNY hampers, you can also order other types of gifts all year round from BearloonSG. Start planning your special occasions with Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her, birthday flower hampers and customised Christmas gifts.