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  • [Babyshark] The Babyshark Balloon Package[Babyshark] The Babyshark Balloon Package

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    This product includes:

    1 x 24″ Personalised Bubble Balloon (Helium Filled)

    3 x Baby Shark Balloon Stacks (Normal Air Filled)

    2 x 5 Piece Latex Balloon Bouquet (Helium Filled)

    1 x Number Foil Balloon (Helium Filled)

    1 x Happy Birthday Banner (Flat packaging, you will need to string the banner yourself upon receiving)

    For Helium balloons:

    Floating time: Approx. 15 Hours to 24 Hours

    All balloons will be helium-filled and weighted with water weights

    For Air filled balloons:

    Last about 2 to 3 days (Indoors)

    If you need a different colour combination, please feel free to comment below!