“Many flippantly dismiss the idea of balloons as gifts since their lifespans aren’t long enough to make a lasting impression. But Bearloon’s range is different: their Hot Air Balloons will last for weeks. Everything is also entirely customisable, from the box colour to the balloon inscriptions. You can also choose your own cartoon-themed designs!”

“Stuffing Balloons are a novel concept, but they do not consider this a setback. Consumers are [always] looking for gift to impress. That’s what we want to bring.”

Adorable long-lasting balloons that will make anyone go “aww” are what you’ll find in Bearloons Singapore. This balloon delivery company has a number of creatively designed balloons that are far from your generic ones.

We especially like their 3D Balloons that can be paired with snacks or flowers that are also available in their store. You should also check out their Hot Air Balloon collection. Plain adorable!

At Bearloons Singapore, creativity never stops. Unlike their competitors, the shop does not limit their products to typical balloon setup alone. They specialize in huge transparent balloons filled with colorful items ranging from smaller balloons, flowers, treats, etc.

Whether it is ‘get well soon’, ‘congrats on your newborn baby’, or ‘happy chinese new year’ hampers, BearloonSG has the perfect hamper for every occasion. Truly a one-stop shop for any types of hampers. Trust that the quality of their hampers are top-notch, and your loved ones are guaranteed to fall in love! So conscientiously and beautifully prepared, yet incredibly affordable! What more can you ask for? Check out BearloonSG‘s hampers today! Overall, they offer superb service and are truly one of the best hamper delivery services in Singapore!

Modern Times requires Modern gifting solutions. BearloonSG aims to inspire the way people gift through their Hot Air Balloons. Customers can get a Personalised Hot Air Balloon within the same day for orders placed before 2.30PM daily. You will also be pampered with a wide range of choices to send your Flowers and Gifts for all occasions!