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Bloom Box and Roses – Love in a Delivery

Thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to surprise your significant other in Singapore? Why not up the ante and send the freshest blooms in a box, like the Bloom Box from BearloonSG?

Here at BearloonSG, we have a wide array of signature Floral Bloom Boxes available for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to Mothers’ Day and graduations. We even have Bloom Boxes that come with a bottle of champagne or Moscato that’s sure to get the party started! If you want your Bloom Box to not only look pretty but also hold within it a surprise gift, feel free to pick the Chloe Perfume Bloom Box, which comes with a bottle of perfume from the French fashion house, Chloé.

Picking Out Flowers for a Bloom Box

The best part about buying from BearloonSG is that you will get to enjoy our highly customisable ordering process. When curating the perfect Bloom Box, choose from several sizes, box colours, even the colour of the flowers, depending on the bloom box you’ve opted for. If you’d like to take things up a notch, go for our signature hot air balloon floral hamper that combines the best of both worlds – pretty blooms and personalised balloons.

If you have never bought flowers for anyone before, there is nothing to be worried about. Roses are not the only flowers appropriate for gifting and it is not too late to realise that! A classy ensemble of red or pink roses is a great way to show appreciation and love for your spouse while orchids are perfect flowers for graduates as a congratulatory gift.

Flowers suitable for other occasions:

  • Carnations symbolise deep love and affection. Widely used in flower arrangements to celebrate newborn babies, a bloom box filled with a few of these make great decorative pieces in any home
  • Peonies, like roses, are a symbol of romance. Also holding meaning related to prosperity, a happy marriage and good fortune, these popular spring flowers are exquisite gifts to have delivered to the homes of newlyweds

Get Your Flowers Delivered in a Bloom Box Today

With our expansive selection of flowers and Bloom Boxes available for your perusal, make your order today to enjoy same-day delivery. Be sure to place your orders before 2.30 pm to get your surprise delivered to any home address of location in Singapore.