Delivery Policy

Delivery: ($30) 

Due to the nature of balloon products, to avoid any disappointment and unforeseen situation, we will always recommend customers to opt for the delivery option so as to assure that all require items are delivered to you in good conditions, ready for your party/event.

Any Delivery between 10PM to 8AM will have an additional charge of *$10* on top of the original delivery charge. Prices are flat-rates, including any ERPs and parking fees. 

Please note that:
1) Actual delivery time varies from *30 MINUTES before or after* your stated delivery time slot due to unforeseen weather condition and road traffic. Meanwhile do help us to ensure someone is at the stated venue to receive the balloons within the time slot.

2) Please do schedule the delivery time to be 1 - 2 hour before your event to ensure that the balloons delivered are at its best conditions. 

3) All inflated balloons are strictly non-refundable once balloons are handed over in perfect conditions. It's recommended to check the balloons before we hand it over to you. 

4) Helium balloons Floating time: *All balloon's floating ability are subjected to the weather conditions (Outdoors) and temperature (Indoors). 

Material: Latex

Size (Inches): Estimated Floating time (Hours):
5 " 1 - 2 hours
12 " 12 - 16 hours
18 " 24 Hours
36 " 24 Hours


Material: Foil

Sizes (Inches): Estimated Floating time (Hours):
5 " Air-filled only
16 " Air-filled only
18 " 24 Hours
24 " > 24 Hours
32 " > 24 Hours
36 " > 24 Hours