How to Care For Dried Flowers: All You Need to Know


Won’t you love it if your favourite bouquet of flowers can be everlasting? Perhaps it is possible – if it is a bouquet of dried flowers.  Interestingly, dried flowers have grown in popularity in recent times because of their pretty appearance and the sentimental values that they preserved. So, don’t be surprised if you’re being gifted with one such bouquet soon. If you do, don’t handle them as you will with fresh flowers. Dried flowers are a lot more fragile and require careful handling. Here are a few tips to make these lovely stalks look beautiful for a long time: 

1. Do not water them 

The first rule of thumb: Do not water your dried flowers. As the name suggests, such flowers are meant to be dried.  Watering them not only ruins their appearance but also weakens their stems weak and makes them mouldy. The best way to handle these dried blooms is to keep them away from humidity and let them remain dry at all times.  

If you don’t have spare time to attend to your plants and flowers, dried flowers are the perfect option for you. They don’t need much attention or maintenance; all you need is to occasionally dust them with a light feather duster to keep them clean and pretty.

2. Keep them away from direct sunlight 

Dried flowers should not be exposed to sunlight, and drastic temperature changes can affect their longevity too. When they are under extreme sunlight and heat, these beautiful blooms will quickly lose their colour and shrivel up to a brittle condition. The same applies if the dried flowers are placed in a highly humid environment. Ideally, keep your dried blooms indoors where it is both cool and dry. Living rooms and bedrooms are better spots to display them, while bathrooms and kitchens should be avoided. Also, keep them away from heat sources like stoves, radiators and heaters.  

3. Handle them with care 

If your dried bouquet is tied-up, gently fluff it up but keep it in a bundle to prevent the stalks from running loose. Display it upright in a dry vase in a quiet part of your home that is out of reach from children and pets to minimise damage. If you have aged dried bouquets that are really fragile but hold such special sentimental value that you don’t want to throw them away, consider using hairspray to preserve them. This will prevent the delicate petals and stalks from breaking or losing their shape. The colours can be preserved for much longer too.

For dried-flower wreaths that you want to keep away, put them in a paper box or wrapped them with tissue paper before storing them in a dry and airy place. You can also use cedar chips or nontoxic repellent formulas to prevent moths or other insects from damaging them.

4. Don’t move them around 

Dried floral arrangements are more fragile and brittle than fresh flowers. For that reason, don’t move them around too often because you may break them in the process. Find a permanent corner where the bouquet can act as a decorative piece but also be quiet enough not to be disturbed by busy human traffic. While it is true that you should minimise contact with the flowers to prevent breakage, don’t be afraid to rearrange them or cut the stems to achieve the creative design you have in mind. As long as you handle them gently, they’ll be fine. 

5. Ensure good ventilation 

Dried flowers thrive in environments with mild temperatures and good air ventilation. For that reason, don’t leave them next to an open window or doorways where they’ll be exposed to sudden high or sudden low temperatures. Indoor open spaces work best for them.

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