How to Show Appreciation for Your Clients & Business Partners

Showing appreciation for your clients and business partners is essential for building a healthy working relationship. With the year coming to an end, there is no better time to express your gratitude to your clients and partners for their continued support. However, with pandemic restrictions in place, it can be challenging to visit your clients in-person to show your appreciation. No worries! Here are a few simple steps that you can take to express gratitude for their partnership. 

1. Keep track of significant dates 

Picking an appropriate and opportune time to reach out to your clients and business partners makes all the difference, and can strengthen your partnership. Keep track of a few important dates that will be appropriate for a client appreciation message, such as: 

  • Personal milestones, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries 
  • Contract renewals or anniversaries 
  • Holidays, such as Christmas and New Year 

Significant life events like getting married, giving birth and moving to a new abode are also appropriate occasions to express your congratulations and give thanks to your client or business partner. If they are leaving their current company to start a new business venture, take the opportunity to congratulate them and thank them for their partnership. By establishing a personal relationship with them, they are likely to continue the business partnership in the future. 

2. Send a thoughtful gift 

Once you’ve decided on the occasion to reach out to your client or business partner, pick out a thoughtful gift for them. Before choosing a gift, consider their interests and needs. Picking out a gift that’s aligned with the occasion works as well. For example, if your client or business partner recently welcomed a newborn to the family, consider showing your support by gifting them a newborn hamper. Filled with baby essentials like rattles, teethers and plush toys, it definitely makes a practical gift that your recipient will appreciate.

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If you are looking to send a token of appreciation to your client or business partner this New Year, consider gifting the Moet Bloom Box or Moscato Bloom Box. After all, there is no better way to ring into the new year than with some delicious wine and fresh blooms!

















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For birthdays and wedding anniversaries, a unique hamper will make an ideal gift to congratulate your client or business partner. With numerous options like Snack Box hampers, Floral Hampers, Organic Food Hampers and Halal Gourmet Hampers, there’s something for every recipient. 

















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3. Pen a heartfelt thank you note 

Don’t forget to include a heartfelt handwritten note with your gift. You can talk about why you chose that particular gift and the things that you appreciate most about working with your client or business partner, so that they know this is a personal note and not just a generic template. Generally, avoid mentioning business matters in the thank you note. While a letter of appreciation could give way to future partnership opportunities, it should not be a business pitch. 

4. Offer to catch up over a call 

The key to a lasting business partnership is communication and trust. After sending out a token of appreciation to your client or business partner, take the opportunity to start a conversation about the direction of your partnership moving forward. Offer to set up a call over the phone or video to discuss about the ways to elevate your partnership, or simply catch up and chit chat about any recent life events. 

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