How to Pick Out a Great Gift for a New Dad

Do you know of someone who recently became a dad? With Father’s Day just around the corner, consider showing your support to the new dad by surprising him with a well-thought-out gift. Read on for five tips on how to pick out the perfect gift for a new dad:

1. Draw Up Your Budget 

The first thing you want to do is determine your budget before you start searching for a gift. Stick to your limit and look for alternatives if what you’ve chosen is not within your budget.

Keep in mind that a great gift doesn’t always have to be expensive, and vice versa. It’s always the thought that counts. 

2. Get Something He Needs 

Have you ever received something as a gift, decided that you didn’t know what to do with it and chucked it in a dark forgotten corner of your house? Well, this is probably the last thing you want to happen with your gift. 

So, how can you avoid that? The key is to get something that the gift recipient needs. 

Consider his needs as a new dad and how the gift can be a practical and helpful addition to his life. With that in mind, a baby hamper filled with newborn essentials like infant wear, plush toys and teethers may just be the perfect gift. 

3. Consider His Hobbies 

Another way to pick a practical gift for your recipient is to find out about his hobbies. Make a list of all the things he is interested in and think about how he spends his free time – does he enjoy a dip in the pool, or is he a hiking fanatic? Maybe he’s passionate about whipping up delicious food in the kitchen or just want to curl up in his favourite corner with a good book. 

To get more clues on what your giftee might be interested in, you could also turn to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see the pages they’ve liked and followed. 

Whatever it is, knowing what he does in his leisure will give you a better idea of what to gift him. It’s also a good way to remind him that he should still make time for himself and his hobbies even after becoming a dad. 

4. Check Out The Latest Trends 

If you need more inspiration, do a quick search online or take a walk in the malls to check out the latest trends available. It could be trends in clothing, tech, household gadgets, games, anything – think about whether the trend is aligned with your gift recipient’s interests, then decide if the gift is suitable.

5. Make It About Him 

Everyone loves a thoughtful and personalised gift. Don’t forget to add your personal touch – pen your best wishes on a card in your best handwriting, or type it out if you prefer. Your gift may not last forever, but your heartfelt message will certainly be remembered with fondness and gratitude! 

Another way to personalise your gift is to include a little something that will remind the giftee of you. It could be an art piece, your signature home bakes, or something you grew in your home garden – you get the idea. Including a handmade gift is a unique way to let your recipient know that you’ve put some thought into the present, and you get to do something that you enjoy at the same time! 

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