March Holiday Guide to Hosting an Epic Slumber Party

Do you remember the excitement and anticipation of planning a slumber party as a kid? The late-night giggles, pillow fights, and stories that sent chills down your spine were all part of the fun. If you want to give your kids and their friends an unforgettable experience this March holiday, then you’re in the right place.

Hosting a slumber party for a group of little ones can be quite challenging, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some fantastic tips and tricks that will help you throw the ultimate slumber party. From keeping the guest list short so you can manage the little ones running around your house to games and decorations to take the levels of fun up to new heights, BearloonSG is here to help you create a night of endless fun and memories that will last a lifetime. So, let’s get started and make this March holiday one to remember!

1. Keep the Guest List Short

If you’re planning a slumber party, especially if it’s your first time, one of the best tips we can give you is to keep the guest list short. While it might be tempting to invite everyone your child knows, it’s important to remember that each child will require your full attention and care — it might not be the best idea to leave them attended with their devices. And though the March holidays might mean a clear schedule for most kids since they do not have to go to school, you’ll need to keep in mind how many kids you can handle so that everything goes smoothly.

For a first-time sleepover, we recommend inviting a group of two or three kids. This will allow you to focus on their needs and ensure everyone has a great time. Remember, each child may have different preferences, so be prepared to be flexible and accommodate their needs.

2. Go All Out with a Theme

Elevate your slumber party to epic status with the right decorations! Adding some creative and fun touches will transform your home into the perfect party space that your little ones will love. To choose a theme, start by considering your child’s interests and favourite things. Once you have decided on a theme, you can easily plan your decorations, activities, and invitations around it — this will help you stay on track throughout the planning process. Moreover, your party will look cohesive and impress your mini-party guests.

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From custom-made helium balloons and balloon columns, we at BearloonSG have everything you need to make your slumber party unforgettable. Browse options like our Bubble Balloon Column – Pastel Rainbow and Rose Gold & Pink Personalised & Cluster Balloon Package to help bring your chosen theme to life. Best of all, you can have everything delivered directly to your door, making the planning process even easier!

3. Keep the Fun Rolling with Games

Plan games and other fun activities ahead of time to ensure that the kids remain entertained and avoid getting restless. Classic slumber party activities like movie marathons and dance playlists are a good place to start. You could also organise a talent show by having the kids prepare a performance of their choice, such as singing, dancing, magic tricks, or comedy. Set up a stage and let them have fun showcasing their talents! Be sure to plan ahead of time so that you’ll be able to keep the party rolling and ensure that the children have a memorable experience.

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Looking to take it up a notch? Consider giving away prizes. You could consider food hampers like our Colour Snack Box Hot Air Balloon that make the best gift baskets given the little treats hidden within. If you are looking for a unique gift hamper, you’ll be glad to know that BearloonSG offers add-on options like LED lights and plush toys that will capture the hearts of your little guests. In addition, putting such a fantastic gift up for grabs will keep the kids on their toes and give them something to remember the sleepover by.

4. Tone it Down with the Sugary Snacks

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While it’s customary to have a few snacks during a sleepover and you might be considering gifting them a food hamper as a prize, consuming too much sugar can make it difficult for kids to settle down. To prevent this, balance out the snacks by including some healthy options for the kids to nibble on. You could also present them in an appealing way, such as by arranging them on colourful plates or adding a fun element to the sleepover by having them rip open organic food hampers. Pick health food hampers like our Organic Hamper and have them munch on snacks like oat cookies instead!

5. Give Out Sleepover Gifts

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As a final tip, why not add a special touch to the sleepover by giving the kids customised gifts? You could go for a 3D Hot Air Balloon gift that matches the theme of the party and adds a fun, adventurous element to the experience. For unique and personalised options, consider checking out customised gift options on BearloonSG like the 3D White Filled Unicorn Hot Air Balloon or Jetaime Hot Air Balloon — both come with crystal clear hot air balloons that can have their balloon sizes and box colours customised.

Make the March Holidays Fun with BearloonSG

These sleepover ideas and tips are a surefire way to make the night a memorable and fun experience for everyone. So go ahead and start planning your next sleepover party with confidence by browsing BearloonSG’s selection of gift hampers and balloons in Singapore. Enjoy our free same-day delivery services islandwide when you place your orders before 2.30PM, and make sure everyone has a good time!