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Give The Gift of Health with Bearloon’s Organic Hampers

What better way to wish your friend good health than to buy them an organic hamper filled with organic and healthy foods? Whether you have got a loved one who has just gone through labour, a friend who has been recently discharged from the hospital, or you are simply looking for a gift for a health conscious friend, Bearloon has the right hamper for them.

Why Buy Organic Hampers

You might be thinking – why buy organic hampers? Here’s why.

BearloonSG’s organic hampers are packed with a curated assortment of healthy snack bars, organic honey, oats and more, which are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs like pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Food found in our hampers are also free of genetic modification or any form of chemical food additives, making them a perfect gift for health nuts or friends of yours who are gym rats.

Organic hampers also make great gifts for housewarming or parties that are hosted at home as guests and hosts are bound to indulge in meat and party food fitting for celebrations or special occasions. Organic hampers packed with healthier meal options like oats, honey and biscuits make great post-party snacks for the hosts who might feel like they have overindulged during the celebrations.

Get Your Organic Hampers with Same-Day Delivery

Just found out that your friend was admitted to the hospital and you have no time to visit them because you are stuck at work? Fret not as Bearloon has got your back. Simply head to our website and purchase an organic food hamper suitable for your friend. As long as you place your order before 230pm, we will be able to deliver your thoughtful gift to your loved one in Singapore within the same day.

If you are looking to impress, pick out a Bloom Box filled with flowers or a “hot air balloon” from our catalogue to go along with your organic food hamper. Take it a notch higher by personalising the gift with a special message when you are making your order.

Get your gifts and flowers from BearloonSG today.