5 Fun Gift Ideas to Celebrate Primary School Graduation

When people think of graduation, more often than not, they only think of students who will soon graduate from university, Junior College or the Polytechnic. However, with Primary 6 students completing their PSLE and other kids in elementary school being done with their academic year as well, moving on to a new grade or Secondary School is a childhood milestone that calls for a celebration too! This Is especially so for Primary 6 students who are in the midst of officially ending their Primary School journey and beginning a new chapter in their lives. And what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a little reward? With dozens of kids-friendly gift options readily available, we at the BearloonSG have compiled a list of Primary School graduation gift ideas appropriate for kids in this age group. Here are some gift ideas from the BearloonSG catalogue that will make your child’s graduation special.

1. Personalised Graduation Balloons

Congrats You Did It Balloon Bouquet

Source: BearloonSG – Congrats You Did It Balloon Bouquet

Personalised balloons are a great gift idea because they can be customised with the graduate’s name or a special message. Simply put, they are sure to put a smile on any graduate’s face! But at BealoonSG, we take things up a notch with graduation-themed balloons. With options like the [Supershape] Koalafied Graduation Balloon Bouquet that feature a helium-filled koala foil balloon, Congrats Grad foil balloon, and other decorative balloons like shaped foil and latex balloons, this bouquet will surely turn heads. Another aptly created option is our Congrats You Did It Balloon Bouquet. With four latex balloons, one shape foil and one themed-foil balloon that screams “Happy Graduation!” Whether you plan on having a small graduation celebration at home with close family or friends or just presenting it to your child as a gift, personalise your text on the foil balloon and pair it with a complementary card with your heartfelt message.

2. Signature Hot Air Balloon Bouquets 

Source: BearloonSG – Sunflower and Fillers Hot Air Balloon [Different Sizes Available]

Our Signature Hot Air Balloons are another great gift option for a graduation party or celebration. Part of our Hot Air Balloon collection, you can not only choose the size of your Hot Air Balloon but also choose the colour of the box and the balloon, the text that will be printed on the balloon, and the overall design theme. With a flower box sitting at the bottom of the Hot Air Balloon, leverage our LED lights add-on option to up the ante of this gift. If you would like a Hot Air Balloon flower box that will stand the test of time, consider our selection of Everlasting Hot Air Balloons. With a box filled to the brim with preserved flowers that accurately capture your everlasting pride in your little one’s achievements, the exclusive artwork on the balloon printed by our design theme only adds to the appeal of this gift.

3. Rose Bear

Source: BearloonSG – Keepsake Rose Bear [Grey with Heart]

Rose Bears are a unique and special gift that is sure to be cherished. They are made with foam roses, so they will last long after the graduation celebration is over. Choose from a bold Keepsake Rose Bear [Red] and Keepsake Rose Bear [Pink with Heart] or our classic Keepsake Rose Bear [Grey with Heart]. Our selection of teddy bears made with roses also comes with a free LED and PVC box. The latter can then be personalised with a message that you have in mind. One keepsake rose bear is all it takes to serve as a reminder to your child that their hard work throughout the entire academic year has truly paid off.

4. Surprise Boxes

Source: BearloonSG – White Floral Ferrero Rocher Surprise Box

Surprise Boxes are another fun option that can fill the graduate’s day with joy. Choose from our exclusive Floral Surprise Boxes or Suprise Box – Personalised Balloons. The former is a simple gift that comes with a delicate box filled with nine preserved roses — a symbol of eternal love — a couple of pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and panels that you can customise freely. Our personalised balloon surprise box, as its name suggests, is a box filled with balloons. Have your little one open the lid and out will come a large Bubble Balloon filled with mini balloons. Have your personal messages printed on both the lid of the box and the Bubble Balloon and take the little graduate’s breath away.

5. Flower Bloom Boxes

Sunflower Bloom Box - Regular

Source: BearloonSG – Suntastic Bloom Box

And last but not least, Floral Bloom Boxes are a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea too. They come in different sizes and are filled with fresh flowers, balloons or even a bottle of perfume. And since sunflowers are often the choice of flowers when it comes to celebrating someone’s graduation, consider the Suntastic Bloom Box that is filled with fresh sunflowers. With the colour yellow symbolising success and joy and the sunflower symbolising adoration, you can’t go wrong with this bloom box to commemorate the occasion.

Celebrate Your Child’s Successes with BearloonSG

With Primary school students just completing their major exams and receiving their results, it’s high time you start searching for gifts that will motivate them for the new academic year that’s about to start soon. With an extensive collection of graduation gifts, there can be no better way to look back on all the happy memories and achievements of their time in Primary school. So, whether you are looking for something unique, fun or simply thoughtful, BearloonSG has the perfect gift for you! Make your child feel special on their big day with our range of graduation balloons, floral bloom boxes and more that are available for delivery across Singapore!