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Floral Hampers for Any Occasion in Singapore

Floral Hampers are a great choice for gifts as it basically packages a variety of practical yet visually appealing gifts, all wrapped up in a pretty box with flowers! It is a versatile gift, perfect for friends or your significant other for birthdays or anniversaries. Customisable at Bearloon, these hampers can be transformed into thoughtful get well soon hampers or even as corporate gifting for your clients and other business partners.

With so many occasions and festivities across the year in Singapore, how should you go about choosing the right type of floral hamper for each occasion and recipient? Let BearloonSG guide you through the selection process.

Consider Your Recipient

Before you start considering which hampers you like, take a moment to think about the preferences of your recipient. Don’t get too carried away with the idea of delivering the largest hamper or most expensive one, as the ideal hamper for your loved ones is one that is filled with few items they like.

Maybe you are looking for a flower hamper for your friend who is all about leading a healthy lifestyle. If that is the case, go for an organic food hamper filled with healthy snack bars, oats, organic honey and biscuits. Alternatively, if your friend or family member has a newborn, then send our thoughtful newborn hamper to congratulate them. Do take note of any food preferences or allergies that your recipient might have before you pick out the right flower hamper.

Consider The Occasion

Is there a specific occasion to take into account when picking out the hamper? Choosing a hamper to impress your spouse’s parents during Chinese New Year and for a friend’s birthday would make very different orders. This is especially so if you are looking to cheer up the recipient with a get well soon hamper. Furthermore, our hampers come accentuated with flowers, which should be carefully selected to complement the occasion. For example, roses would be a great choice for a significant other while daffodils would be ideal for grand openings as they represent new beginnings.

Get Same-day Delivery in Singapore For Your Flower Hampers

BearloonSG provides free same-day delivery within Singapore for all orders made before 2.30 pm. You can even add a personalised message when placing your orders, and we’ll have them attached to your flower hamper before it gets sent out for delivery! Browse through our full selection of flowers, hampers and “hot air balloons” today. For more information on our delivery policy or customisation of hampers decked with the freshest flowers, get in touch with us.