Ordering Process

1. Free Delivery slots & Self Collection is available on the 13th Feb & 14th Feb.
Please kindly choose Valentine’s Free delivery for your delivery method during checkout. View here

2. Strictly no Helium Balloon Delivery. Only self collection is available.
Hot air balloons are non-helium products, so delivery option is available.

3. Early bird promo will end on 3rd Feb, surcharge may apply after 9th Feb.
No Promo code needed, price are discounted as shown.

4. Please kindly ensure that all order details are filled in correctly.
No changing of order & delivery details will be allowed after 9th Feb 2359.

5. All Flowers and materials are Pre-ordered.
Therefore strictly no refunds or cancelling of orders.

6. Digital Mock-up will not be available for all orders placed after 31 Jan.
Providing of Digital Mockup will resume after 17th Feb

Delivery Policy

1. Free Delivery slots are limited and all Deliveries for 13th & 14th Feb, will be made between 10AM – 8PM. Once Free delivery slots are fully booked, Self collection must be arranged.

Please kindly arrange for Self collection if the delivery timing doesnt fit your timings.

2. Your delivery will be deemed as failed delivery if:
– Recipient is uncontactable / not at the given location (5 minutes grace period)
– Restrictions from buildings / managements / hotels
– Incorrect delivery information
A re-delivery or self collection, can only be rescheduled on the 15th Feb. Where re-delivery is chargeable at $20.

3. Same day delivery will not be available for Valentines. Please kindly place an order before.

4. Deliveries to hospital will not be accepted during Valentine’s Period. All orders will be refunded accordingly

5. Deliveries to Hotels, please ensure that you provide the full name and booking reference of the hotel guest. Any restrictions from Hotel’s management will result in a failed delivery.

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