[Regular] Hot-Air Blooms (With Rainbow Babybreath)


Product's Details:
Round Floral Box: 22CM (W) x 12CM (H)
Final Product: Approximately 45CM (W) x 60CM (H)

Things to Note:
Flowers: We will arrange the Floral box with Rainbow baby breath. The overall product will be design based on the color theme you selected above, if you have any specific type of flowers you would like us to add into the arrangement, please mention it under the special request (subjected to availability and additional cost). 

Balloon & Design: The Artwork on the balloon will be design by our design team based on the wording and theme provided above. A mockup will be send to you before we arrange the Hot-Air Bloom. 

Delivery/Collection: We strongly recommend to ONLY collect or get the balloons delivered on the actual day of your event. The balloon use for our Hot-Air blooms are design to be crystal clear and stay it that way for weeks or even months under good care and proper delivery. 

Disclaimer: Every Hot-Air bloom is individually curated for you with love, therefore not one arrangement is the same. Every Hot-Air bloom is uniquely yours.