About Us

The name of "BearloonSG" was from the idea of stuffing a bear into a balloon, thus we name our stuffing balloons, as "Bearloons". As we embarked our journey of stuffing balloons, we find our true passion in gifting. As a result, we embrace every creative and innovative ideas we come upon, and incorporate into our products and services.

In BearloonSG, we aim to inspire how people gift with our products and services. Our team is dedicated to understand individual customer's purpose of a gift for different occasions and recommend our products and services based on their needs and wants.

A simple party or a gift does not need to cost a bomb, customers first just need to know the purpose they want their balloons / gift to serve. The rest will be our job to serve their purpose with our products and services. - Jason Peh (Founder of BearloonSG)